CloudVC Solution

                        HW CloudLink

                        HW CloudLink is a new generation of high-definition video conferencing soft terminal developed by iSoftStone, supporting Huawei's intelligent collaboration CloudVC solution, developed based on Huawei CloudLink Kit, with a new visual system, minimal information architecture design, providing easy booking, independent convening, easy access to the meeting and other functions, based on SVC technology to achieve free selection of the venue screen, with super network adaptability and a clear and smooth meeting experience, it is an ideal choice for personal video conferencing.

                        Installer Download 

                        1639721754819098534.pngWindows Client(CHN)

                        1639721771045004199.pngWindows Client(EN)  

                        1639721754819098534.pngAndriod Client

                        Document Download

                        1639721754819098534.pngProducts Overview

                        1639721771045004199.pngWindows User Guides


                        Consultation and solutions

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