iSoftStone Chairman Listed in National “Ten-thousand Talents Program”

                        The fourth batch of National “Ten-thousand Talents Program” list is released recently. TW Liu, the Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, is included in this list, showing high affirmation for his excellent performance in innovation and venture.

                        The National “Ten-thousand Talents Program” is a support program for high-level talents in China, with full name of National Special Support Program for High-level Personnel Recruitment, was approved by CPC Central Committee and the State Council in 2012, and is jointly enacted by 11 departments and units including the Organization Department of CPC Central Committee and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The National “Ten-thousand Talents Program” aims to select and offer special support to outstanding talents, leaders and outstanding young scholars in fields of natural science, engineering technology, philosophy and social sciences, and higher education.

                        Innovation is the primary impetus for development. Liu always has a creative mind for enterprise development, and believes innovation, talents and cooperation are indispensable elements. Particularly in the 18 years since the foundation, Liu has always insisted on value creation based on innovative thinking for clients to lead iSoftStone to become the leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider.


                        Currently, iSoftStone sets over 90 branches and 25 global delivery centers with 50,000 employees in 36 cities around the world, and has served and created value to more than 1,000 domestic and overseas clients, including 90 Fortune 500 enterprises, in about a dozen of important industries.

                        Liu has won honors such as Ten Leaders in China Software and Information Service Industry for a Decade and Leaders of Software and Information Services in China successively for the commercial and social value created by iSoftStone under his leadership. iSoftStone has been listed in China Top Ten Incomes Enterprises from Software Business released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for several times, and won honors of Top Ten Leaders in China Software and Information Service Industry for a Decade“Best Employers in China and Annual Responsible Brand Award.

                        Liu once said if more Chinese enterprises make constant efforts in technological innovation in the future, the overall innovation level in China will be driven to a high level. iSoftStone will focus on digital transformation continuously, provide more innovative technologies and solutions during the rising of Digital China, and provide China-based experience and China solutions for the global digital development.

                        Company News

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