iSoftStone Became an Industry-education Integration Pilot Enterprise of Jiangsu Province

                        Nanjing iSoftStone Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Nanjing iSoftStone) was recently selected as one of the "fourth batch of industry-education integration pilot enterprises of Jiangsu". This indicates that iSoftStone Education is not only at the forefront of fostering education-industry integration, but also well-recognized by society.

                        As the regional headquarters of iSoftStone in East China, Nanjing iSoftStone serves as a window for iSoftStone's operations in the region, as well as a base for delivery, resources, and industry-education integration. Backed by iSoftStone Education, Nanjing iSoftStone emphasizes the integration of industry and education, as well as the integration of work and study, and builds a multi-dimensional and innovative talent training model to follow the development trend of the ICT industry.

                        To develop in-depth cooperation between the enterprise and schools and promote the talent ecosystem building, backed by the strong industrial background of iSoftStone, iSoftStone Education plans to intensify the integration of industry and education and play its dominant role in promoting the in-depth fusion of education chain, talent chain, industry chain, and innovation chain in the coming years.

                        Build a "new engineering" cluster with iSoftStone characteristics

                        We use big data, software engineering, computer science and technology, and IoT as the foundation of the "new engineering" cluster, and DevCloud + IPD + enterprise-level project cases as its technical features to develop curricula, faculties, and practical training conditions, further improve talent development, and build a new engineering cluster with iSoftStone characteristics.

                        Develop workforces required for ICT software industry development

                        iSoftStone propels the "Project-driven, Engineering training throughout, Intertwining studies and research, Focusing on both morals and skills" innovative talent development model by reforming specialized courses and executing interdisciplinary training and internships in response to industrial and technical reforms, regional economic peculiarities, and demands. This innovative model enhances students' analytical, hands-on, and life skills, promotes interdisciplinary integration, and develops versatile and application-oriented engineering and technical talents that fully fulfill the needs of the ICT software industry chain development.

                        Develop ICT software industry teaching resources with iSoftStone characteristics

                        With iSoftStone's industrial resources, industrial technologies, and extensive project cases, as well as the advantages of colleges and universities in gathering intellectual resources and scientific research strength, iSoftStone Education emphasizes practical training for professional courses, develops teaching resources that meet the requirements of enterprises, and enriches teaching and practical training resources.

                        Build an integrated practical training base that brings together industry, university, research, training and innovation

                        To better serve professional teaching and research, promote university brand, and provide technical services and public training, iSoftStone Education will build an integrated practical training platform that brings together industry, university, research, training and innovation, and use the platform services to incubate research and innovation results. This platform will play a critical role in the industrialization of fundamental technologies.

                        Build a research and innovation service platform for technologies and skills that brings together industry, university, research, training and innovation

                           Backed by iSoftStone's strong IT technologies and digital product capabilities, iSoftStone Education will build a research and innovation service platform for technologies and skills that brings together industry, university, research, training and innovation, hold application and practice innovation competitions, use the professional partner cluster as a talent pool for regional development in digital economy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, actively promote university-related scientific and innovation projects, and contribute to major provincial and municipal strategic actions.

                        iSoftStone will strive to stay at the forefront of industry-education integration in the future. It plans to build a multi-dimensional model of university-business collaboration that includes internships and practical training, teacher training, program co-building, and college co-building, as well as look into ways to promote sustainable development, address supply-and-demand issues in the industry and education, and align education with market demand. iSoftStone connects universities with businesses.

                        Company News

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