IoT (intelligent terminal)

                        Through providing multi-level services regarding the Internet of Things (intelligent terminal) operating system, system development and testing, it can help the customers to create a safe and reliable ecosystem of Internet of Things (intelligent terminal).

                        ?  Based on HarmonyOS, it has profound R&D capabilities in aspects of interactive experience of intelligent terminals, application of intelligent devices, and third-party component development of operating systems;

                        ?   IoT hardware product testing, component special testing, intelligent vehicle VCU testing, BIOS testing, and IoT device access device development;

                        ?   Development, design, debugging and maintenance of smart phone systems, basic ROM development and security repair test of Android terminals;

                        ?   Customization and optimization of smart terminal operating systems, design and development of APPs, and intelligent terminal image-related development, including the development of image APPs, video camera performance tuning, image processing algorithm development and integration, image drive development and adaptation, and Image Signal Processor (ISP) support;

                        Baseband frequency specification and adaptation, customization and certification services, baseband driver development, and handling and adaptation of problems about the mobile communication protocol.



                        Digital technology service

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