Information system and application development

                        Industry application development and maintenance

                        It can provide construction, implementation and maintenance services based on mature software packages such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel and Microsoft Dynamics.

                        Customized software package service

                        It can customize, integrate and manage the ready software, for helping the customers to achieve their business objectives.

                        Mobile application and embedded development

                        It can design, build and maintain mobile devices, and implement customized application and development of embedded systems.

                        Value-added business application development

                        It can design and build mobile value-added business application, to provide end-to-end development services.

                        Supply chain management application development

                        It can design, build and maintain customized applications, and optimizing business processes.

                        Enterprise application integration

                        It can perform effective integration of business processes, to help the enterprises to obtain, manage and develop data, and provide support for business decisions.

                        Application system life cycle support

                        It can manage the entire life cycle of the application system, including proof of concept, basic model, application architecture, application development, test engineering, system integration, and maintenance and upgrade.

                        Service-oriented architecture (SOA)

                        It can make full use of SOA to reduce risk and increase business agility.

                        Quality assurance and test

                        It can provide comprehensive system defect detection, improve test efficiency, and expand test coverage; plan, design, and implement various testing strategies and test cases regarding application software, and provide black box testing, white box testing, and system failure point tracking testing, etc.


                        General technical services

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